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All I Want for Christmas

Here's a story I wrote as a Crhistmas Gift for my friends in college. I've come a long way as a writer since then, but I wanted to share!

© 2012 by Amy Grech

All I Want for Christmas

Amy Grech

            Peter held his mother's hand while they waited on line.  He could hardly wait to tell Santa what he wanted.  His mother pulled him forward when the line inched forward. 

            The mall was too crowded.  Mrs. Wishfort hated standing in line every year so her son could sit on an impostor's lap and whisper a wish that would never come true in his ear.

            Peter already knew what he was going to say to the bearded man in the red suit: "Santa, will you bring my Daddy back?" 

            "Where did he go?"


            He felt his mother pulling him closer to the only man who could make his wish true.

            Peter smiled.  "How much longer, Mommy?"

            Mrs. Wishfort looked at the red headed boy standing next to her and frowned.  Peter looked just like his father.  He had James's green eyes.  When her son looked at her she wished she had to courage to tell him why Daddy wasn't coming back because he didn't love Mommy anymore.

            Santa was just an arm's length away.  Peter wanted to reach out and grab him.

            Mrs. Wishfort moved up.  Peter was next in line.  He grinned and watched the blonde girl hop off the bearded man's lap.

            "Don't ask Santa for something expensive." She patted his head.

            "My present won't cost much."  He grinned.  

            Peter let go of his mother's hand wiped his sweaty one on her coat.  He knew Santa would bring Daddy back.

            The bearded man in the red suit invited the next little boy to share his secret.  It was finally his Peter's turn.

            "Hello, son. What do you want for Christmas?" His green eyes twinkled.

            He looked at Santa with a straight face and said: "All I want for Christmas is my Daddy to come home."

            The bearded man scratched his chin.  "Where did he go?"


            "How long has he been gone?"

            Peter frowned.  "A long time."

            "And you want me to bring him back?" Santa winked.

            The little boy sitting on Santa's lap nodded.

            "I'll bring your Daddy back, but I don't know how long he'll stay."

            "Thank you, Santa!  Daddy will stay, I know he will!" He hugged the bearded man in the red suit. 

            "Merry Christmas, Peter!"

            "Merry, Christmas, Santa!" Peter climbed down and ran over to his mother.

            He took her hand and squeezed it

            "Did you get Santa to bring you what you wanted?"

            "I sure did!"



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