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A Decade in Windsor Terrace

10 years ago, I moved to Windsor Terrace, a stone's throw away from Park Slope Brooklyn. My neighborhood feels like a sleepy little town. Everyone is friendly. An added bonus: I live two blocks away from the Pavilion Movie Theater; it's not the greatest, but since I'm not in Manhattan that often, it's nice to know I can go around the corner to see a movie, especially since the first movie of the day during the week only costs $8.50. Since I freelance, I take advantage of this nifty perk! 

Prospect Park is my backyard!  It's a tranquil oasis designed by the same Developer that created Central Park. Celebrate Brooklyn hosts amazing concerts with artists like, Andrew Bird; that was an amazing show!

I have a rent stabilized two bedroom in the back my building. The small bedroom is my office!  I'm just a short subway ride away from Manhattan, so I've got the best of both worlds.

Several movies, including Dog Day Afternoon and As Good As It Gets were both filmed in my neighborhood. I thought some of the shots looked familiar!
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