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The Pros and Cons of Freelancing

I currently have 20 Web Clients and work out of my home office.  There are several perks I enjoy as a result of my current work situation: I have a two-second commute to my office--I save $100 a month because I no longer have to schlep to work in Manhattan via the subway. I almost never see my clients in person; we have the occasional conference call, but that's about it! I can listen to music while I work!  I can meet friends for lunch/dinner whenever I want to!  I have a great deal of flexibility with my work schedule.

A big con is that one of my clients goes away and doesn't pay me before she goes out of town--I need my checks to arrive at a specific time to cover bills.  I have a few other clients who have to be asked for payment twice...They never have to ask me to complete their work twice...My cash flow isn't steady; I get most of my checks at the end/beginning of the month--that leaves me two weeks without any money coming in--as a result, I've had to cut back a lot. I'd love to get a few new clients who can pay me in the middle of the month!  
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