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Trimming the Fat

I got a nasty surprise last month...My electric bill shot up $25.00 without warning...Thanks a lot Con Ed!  Heath insurance is going up $80.00 in September; my rent will be going up $94.00  come October.  It's extremely frustrating!  Just when I start to get ahead financially, my expenses shoot up! 

I've given up the Sunday paper; that will save me a good $12.00 a month!  Hey, every little bit counts!  I go to one movie a month, if I'm lucky...Used to go all the time. I work from home, so I'm saving $100.00 a month right there. Sure I still take the subway every now and then to meet friends in Manhattan for dinner and when I go away to L.I. to visit my parents.

What have you had to cut back on?
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