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Litterbugs and Other Bums

As I left my subway station in Brooklyn a few ago to head home, I encountered several bums...I hate to see folks who are down on their luck; I suppose I should have felt sorry for the guy sprawled across the cold wet concrete, after all, have a heart, it's raining out, but instead I felt annoyed and repulsed.  Seconds after laying eyes on that bum, I saw a guy add his empty coffee cup to the growing pile of trash in a corner at the top of the stairs. 

If that wasn't enough, above ground on the way back to my apartment, a high school kid tossed his candy bar wrapper on the ground!  Ugh!!

People loose garbage attracts rats.  Rats bring with them all manner of disease.  I would rather not be  bitten by a rabid rat because a bunch of people were too lazy to dispose of their trash properly!!

Litterbugs, be gone!!!  Do everyone a favor and put your trash where it belongs...Try any of the big, green garbage cans located on the sidewalk--they're kind of hard to miss--or use one of the rather large back trash cans located on station platforms--they're not decorations!!
Tags: garbage, litterbug, mta, nyc subway, rats, trash

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