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So I finally got Photoshop the other night; I'm going to install it after I answer some e-mail and do something for work; I had to leave the office early to go to the dentist.  I needed a crown because there was a huge space between two molars.  He gave me four shots of Novocaine--my mouth is still numb and I'm having a Naked Mixed Berry Fruit Smoothie for dinner because he had to strip my tooth, which had a nasty metal filling I am happy to be rid of.  I have a temporary crown; I'll have a permanent one in two weeks.

When I was in Greenpoint for a reading last week, I walked by my old building, and also my friend Emma's a few doors down.  I had wondered what happened to her.  We're going to catch up tomorrow night after work.  I believe important questions never go unanswered...

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