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From Twitter 04-05-2011

  • 02:18:51: The Amy Grech Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @jeffreyfeldman @dravenames @parkslopegossip
  • 03:15:04: From Twitter 04-04-2011
  • 04:22:05: You could be caught between your confident head and your tende... More for Leo
  • 14:49:11: Flu, day 3. Somebody please put me out of my misery! Picked up some Pepto; hopefully that will help!
  • 14:50:34: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Turns out the "Oxford" comma never even graduated high school. #WriteMoreGood #Spoilers
  • 14:50:49: RT @FakeeEtiquette: Pretty much everything those twin babies said to each other was rude.
  • 14:52:06: Just got back from client meetings in Manhattan; picked up a few goodies on BBB on the way home! Lots of web work awaits!
  • 16:02:06: RT @JackKetchum: You can now stream the film adaptation of my novel OFFSPRING via Netflix Instant... @netflix
  • 16:08:04: RT @mashable: Facebook-Infused Job Search Site Finds Listings From Your Social Graph -
  • 16:11:47: Jack Ketchum::News: April 2010
  • 16:15:11: RT @katelaity: Best quote: Cornell West calling social media "weapons of mass distraction"
  • 16:16:47: RT @fastcompany: How exactly does twitter make money? Programs like these for starters: by @AustinCarr
  • 17:49:57: RT @NYTSmallBiz: 1099 Repeal Passes Senate, Heads to White House
  • 17:53:37: Tummy feels slightly better after some Pepto...Am going to attempt to eat ramen for dinner! Wish me luck!
  • 18:07:46: RT @joe_hill: RT @amy_grech: "Do outline you, or let your characters determine where the story goes?" [Outlines are the tools of the devil.]
  • 18:24:45: RT @mattcutts: If you missed it, Google's new "page speed" tool rocks: Good advice for speeding up websites.
  • 18:34:22: Old @Twitter. Do NOT want! :/
  • 19:05:31: RT @dannysullivan: hello old twitter. wow, i really hate you. here's why twitter's gone retro temporarily
  • 21:07:21: RT @ZodiacFacts: When the true individuality of a #Leo holds sway, these people have a noble ideal, with a loyal love, confident, pure, ...
  • 21:17:53: RT @mashable: Airborne Toxic Event Priming Fans for Album Release With Series of Acoustic Videos -
  • 21:24:47: Hi to my new followers! Enjoy my tweets!
  • 21:35:38: New York City Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist | SEO Services in NYC via @amy_grech
  • 22:20:43: RT @DouglasWhite: Be very afraid. the online stalker brand Groupon is about to be overtaken by and even bigger one. There is no escape! ...
  • 22:33:37: Check this video out -- The Decemberists perform "This Is Why We Fight" Live on NPR via @youtube
  • 22:38:41: RT @HorrorLibrary: "Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win." — Stephen King

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