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Word Books in Greenpoint Brooklyn

The other night after work I ventured out to my old 'hood, Greenpoint, Brooklyn to hear Sarah Langan read from her novel, The Missing, which is a very powerful book!  After taking three trains:  the E train Uptown to 14th Street, the L Train to Brooklyn, where I transferred to the G train, which took me to Greenpoint Avenue, where I lived from 1996 - 2002. 

The only appealing thing about Greenpoint back then was the dirt cheap rent I paid.  125 Greenpoint Avenue was rent controlled because my Grandmother had lived in the building for over 34 years.  We split the rent, so I paid $76.10 a month!  Pretty sweet, huh?  Not really.  Granny didn't understand that she was supposed to treat me like a roommate, not like a child.  Because I was her Granddaughter, she had trouble distinguishing between the two...We didn't get along.  She'd put the chain on the door, so even though I had keys to the building and the apt., I had to wait for her to shuffle over and remove the chain.  When I'd sit at my computer writing, she'd start talking to me.  I'd politely tell her I was writing, but she just didn't get it.   Sigh. 

The G train is the only train in the entire MTA Subway System that does not travel though Manhattan--it's the Brooklyn/Queens Local--so it used to take me an hour to get to work. 

The building itself was old and decrepit; the radiators rarely worked during the Winter--we had to bleed them to let the water out.  The apartment was on the top floor and the building wasn't wired for air conditioning...Looking back, I don't know how I survived...

Word Books is a really cool store, with bright pastel colors and an eclectic array of books to choose from.  I gave the owner, Christine Onorati a copy of my collection.  We got to talking and it turns out she and her husband owned a bookstore in Northport on Long Island where I grew up for six years.  Sometimes the world is so small!

The basement, also bright and comfy serves as the reading space; Sarah packed them in--I enjoyed her reading and the Q&A.

Greenpoint isn't as desolate as it once was--there are several trendy bars on Greenpoint Avenue, The Black Rabbit, and The Pencil Factory.  The McDonald's is still there, but the Burger King that used to be next door--I don't know what genius though that up--has been replaced by a Starbucks...
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