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From Twitter 02-18-2011

  • 02:18:36: The Amy Grech Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @smdirectory @dknippling
  • 03:15:58: From Twitter 02-17-2011
  • 05:11:27: The powerful Full Moon in your sign may stress your relationsh... More for Leo
  • 10:49:32: RT @mattstaggs: Will bookstores become extinct?
  • 10:50:56: RT @socialmedia2day: Evolving Your Organization for the Multi-Channel Customer #custserv
  • 10:51:22: Great weather today! Am going to get out and enjoy when I run some errands later!
  • 10:54:21: Lots of Photoshop updates for Web Clients today!
  • 11:21:02: RT @FakeMTA: The F train is holed up under the East River, listening to the new Radiohead and softly sobbing.
  • 11:46:29: RT @socialmedia2day: Red Cross And Taco Bell - A Social Media Dichotomy #sm
  • 11:46:49: RT @JeffStrand: If you buy only 10 zombie novels this year, buy 10 copies of THE SINISTER MR. CORPSE for $2.99!
  • 11:46:57: RT @FakeeEtiquette: Politely apologize for typos in apologies about typos and clearly state that you want let it happen again.
  • 12:40:13: RT @OHnewsroom: Copy editor to reporter: “I don’t want you to rewrite the story because I’ve already done that.”
  • 12:41:26: RT @eldritchthought: Remember: New posts every day. Mon-Sat: 8pm (EST) and Sun: 3pm (EST). Spread the Madness!
  • 12:48:45: RT @socialmedia2day: Influence- Would You Know It If You Saw It?
  • 12:57:11: RT @FakeAPStylebook: In today's Bureau Chiefs poll, we want your opinion of Lady Gaga's new single "Express Yourself."
  • 14:26:26: Rented DOGTOOTH; I've heard good things! Looking froward!
  • 14:28:01: RT @JackKetchum: "For a pure sense of being tumultuously alive, you can't beat the nasty side of existence." -- Philip Roth, SABBATH'S T ...
  • 14:29:16: RT @Mediabistro: 200 Borders Stores Start Liquidation Sales Tomorrow (via @GalleyCat
  • 14:30:34: Collection | Blanket of White, Damnation Books via @amy_grech
  • 15:30:47: RT @FakeAPStylebook: It may be necessary to explain to your younger readers that Mubarak is not a Pokemon.
  • 15:31:04: RT @SethMacFarlane: RT@SethMacFarlane, circa 1985: Teachers of America, we could do without that big wet thumbprint when you're passing ...
  • 15:31:48: RT @FakeeEtiquette: It is polite to tweet about what you're having for lunch only if you offer some to everyone.
  • 15:36:51: RT @NuancedMedia: Why 3 Startups Are Betting That You’ll Want to Stream Your Browser History: At one point, e-mail... ...
  • 15:37:12: RT @emediavitals: Should #media companies force employees to sign a #socialmedia policy
  • 15:55:57: Time to tally January earnings/expenses...
  • 16:03:39: RT @JaysonBellamy: Changes in Google's social search FYI
  • 17:16:53: RT @cnnbrk: Stocks finish week at multiyear highs; Dow posts 8th straight weekly gain
  • 17:18:59: So I actually made a little less in Jan. '11 vs. Jan '10. I though the economy was getting better?! #economyfail
  • 17:27:25: RT @mashable: Lady Gaga Wins the iTunes Popularity Contest -
  • 18:11:01: RT @HuffPostTech: AT&T's iPhone vs. Verizon's: Which is fastest?
  • 18:11:40: RT @ConanOBrien: Charlie Sheen said he’s never been drunk on the set of "Two & A Half Men." I, too, have never been drunk on the set of ...
  • 18:19:11: RT @joe_hill: Remember, every time someone posts their #fridayreads, a shelf full of nubile books somewhere ruffles their pages, titteri ...
  • 18:27:23: Hi to my new followers! Enjoy my tweets!
  • 18:32:20: RT @verydemotivated: IRONY:

    not even psychics can see it coming.
    Submitted by: Unknown
  • 18:51:35: RT @leatherzebra: Day One (my chronicle of the death of a bookstore)
  • 19:14:14: Wrap Your Willy #condomslogans
  • 19:14:29: The Love Glove #condomslogans
  • 19:33:27: RT @socialmedia2day: 3 Steps to Getting More Traffic and Higher Conversions #sm
  • 19:34:34: RT @RobinatRibit: Interest info: LinkedIn's Timeless Guide to Small Business Success
  • 19:37:16: RT @slackmistress: I don't understand why people are saying Facebook is more powerful than Twitter. Twitter doesn't have a face to punch.
  • 19:44:13: Thunder & Lightning in February?!?!? That's a first!
  • 20:06:34: RT @BrandonFord: Brand new interview with yours truly: (Please RT)

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