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Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve!  I had the day off from work yesterday, so I decided to take care of some errands; first stop: Reel Life South, but they were closed at noon--that did not make me happy--I'd planned to pick up some DVD's to watch at night.  Frustrated, I walked to the drug store on 7th Avenue here in Park Slope, where I stumbled another video store--I think it's called the Video Gallery--that was actually open!  I became a Member at the Video Gallery and picked up Black Snake Moan and The Host, two movies about two very different kind of monsters.  It turns out that the rental fees are cheaper at the second video store and, which is only slightly further away from my apartment than the first one.

I managed not to put an eye out when I opened my bottle of champagne.  I tired to drink the whole bottle over the course of six hours, but there was too much for one person, so I ended up dumping two glasses worth down the drain.  I tuned in to watch the ball drop on TV;  I actually went to Times Square one New Year's Eve with some college chums one year.  It was a wild and crazy time!  Did you know it was the 100th anniversary of the ball drop?

I plan to get out more for "me time."  Not an easy feat with work, various writing projects and Web sites to keep current for a handful of Web Clients, but I'm tired of being tethered to a computer all the time.  I've come to realize that on rare occasions that I'm not working, I'm either talking about work or thinking about various projects on my plate--that's not healthy.  This year, I'll strive to maintain a balanced life, with equal parts work and play.  I have plans 3 weekends out of 4 this month that will help!
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