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Tech Support Hell

I learned a very important lesson today, kiddies: Technology is not infallible...I decided to update my MAC to the latest OS, codename Leopard. I was under the impression it would only take 45 minutes to install. I backed up all of my project folders on CD; it's a good thing, too, because they just plain vanished.

I gave my computer a very simple command:  Perform an Archive and Install--doing so is supposed to retain all of my Web browser bookmarks, and E-mail Client settings.  45 minutes after I started the install, I checked my computer and was assaulted by a cryptic error message:  Leopard Install Failed.  I should have been livid, but instead, I became hysterical on the phone with Apple.  I demanded to know why the Archive and Install command didn't execute.  The poor technician on the other end of the line honestly had no idea.  Then, to add insult to injury, the CD wouldn't eject.  The Tech had me turn off the machine.  When it re-started I was baffled to see that Leopard had indeed installed.  I asked to the Tech where all my applications had gone.  She told me when you install a new operating system all third part applications reside in the previous system folder.  That meant I had to dig out the serial numbers for a lot of software and drag the applications to the new OS Applications folder.

I had to add my book marks to Firefox and Safari, add Web site info. for 10 site to my FTP Client; this required me to look up the info.  I had to e-mail one of my Web Clients to get his info., but at least he was cool about it.

I also had to call EarthLink and my Web Host to set up my E-mail in Entourage--I didn't know all of the server settings.  All of my E-mail is gone, which really sucks, because now I have to ask a bunch of people to re-send stuff.  I didn't print out a Book Review's address, who wants to look at Apple of My Eye, so I'll have to track him down.

The upgrade was supposed to take 45 minutes; it really took 3 hours and 45 minutes, which means I didn't get any real work done.

I will say this Leopard is sleek and sexy! I really dig Dashbaord and all the other neat features.

Have a Happy New Year!  I'm going to order some take-out for dinner tomorrow night--Thai and Sushi from a place near me that serves both.  I also plan to rent some DVD's, drink a whole bottle of champagne and watch the ball drop on TV at midnight.
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