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Contrib. Copies, Another Podcast and More!

I got my contrib copies of Space and Time #100 today.  I'm in good company.  Check out this great line-up:

 The Eleventh Hour Syndrome by Mary San Giovanni
 The Last Astronaut (poem) by Kendall Evans and David C. Kopaska-Merkel
 The Thousandth Dream by John Urbancik
 Renowned by James Fowler
 Call of the Drum by Marilyn Mattie Brahen
 1Nonexistence World (poem) by John Grey
 Written in the Braided Sky (poem) by Stuart M. Arotsky
 Toilet Paper Wars by Robert Olmsted
 Notes Found in the Desert (poem) by Saint James Harris Wood
 A Calculated Kindness by Douglas Empringham
 Graveyards and Universities (poem) by Michael Bacchia
 Stains by Jennifer Crow
 Middleman (poem) by Monte Davis
 The Way to a Man's Heart by P.D. Cacek
 Ghost Month (poem) by Christina Sng
 The Hat by Natalia Lincoln
 Circles (poem) by L.L. Soares
 Brutal Rituals by Katherine Woodbury
 Machine Gun/Latte (poem) by Amy Grech
 Whole Lotta Love by K. Loughrey Hasell
 This Poet Lies (poem) by The Mad Poet
 182's Offspring by Jonathan William Hodges
 (haiku) by Joel Jacobs
 Sweet Fields by Lee Thomas
 The Man Within (poem) by David Luisi
 Who Said Why Is Dying? (poem) by Helene Pilibosian
 The Mogul by A.R. Morlan
 Ghostly Silence (poem) by John R. Platt
 The Lemonade Boy by Spencer Allen
 Sick (poem) by Andy Miller
 Eternal Dream (poem) by Christopher P. Obert
 A Portrait for a Blind Man by Mary Sass
 kisses like eons of sting honeybees (poem)
 by R. Kees
 Paper Tiger by Marija Nielsen
 Ministry of Stamina (poem) by Anthony Beal
 Hungry for the Flesh by Lisa Manetti
 Harry Never Smiles (poem) by Adam Pepper
 The Ineffable by Jeffrey Ford
 Untitled XX (poem) by Scott Watson
 Going Away by John Rosenman
 Mortacheck by Pete D. Manison
 You Only Live Twice by Bruce Engelfried
 Comic-Con 2007 (A Review) by Randy Heller
 Color cover by Tim Hatcher

 In other news, Pod of Horror #31 has arrived like the first robin of spring...if that robin had a potty-mouth and pooped on your car. What’s up this time? Well:
 *   Fiction from Jeff Strand, as read by Dave.
 *   Steve Vernon talks writing and cooking fiddleheads.
 *   Dave has more Poop than would fit in the adult diaper of a cross-country-driving psycho astronaut.
 *   Amy Grech discusses her new story collection, Apple of My Eye.
 *   Grim Rictus wears the bling.
 *   And a massive clue is given to The Tomb of Trivia.

Pod of Horror is hosted by Mark Justice and David T. Wilbanks. Download it at I-Tunes or direct to your desktop at:
Matt at has given Apple of My Eye the New Voices Guarantee!

I sold lots of copies of my collection at I-Con 26.   Ever the opportunist, I went down to the Dealer's Room at 1:00PM to find the Author's Signing Table.  Since it was vacant, I set up shop and sold quite a few copies of Apple of My Eye.  Heh!
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