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2007 Expenses

I met my Accountant, Brian Wash at an Ithaca College Alumni Event this past January; my father used to do my taxes, but they've gotten extremely complicated, what with 1099's, publishing royalties and such. Brian is extremely personable--he's always happy to answer my questions, no matter how simple. Tomorrow will be spend filling in the handy spreadsheet he e-mailed to me at the beginning of the year; it's a bit tedious, inputting all of my various earnings and expenses, but it's worth it in the end--last year I got a nice chunk o'change from the IRS!

One of my expenses is Leopard, the latest version of MAC OS X; its packed with all kinds of cool useful tools I can't wait to play with. Yes, I'm a geek! I bought a copy the other night at Tekserve--I've been going there for years--and plan to backup my files and install it sometime over the long weekend--I don't have to go back to work until January 2! So I'm wondering if anyone has upgraded their MAC OS and made the leap to Leopard. Was all of your software compatible, or did you encounter problems...I want this upgrade to be relatively painless. I'm currently running Panther, 10.3.9; I bypassed Tiger entirely...
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