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From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 14:23:38: Got plenty of food to help me weather the storm!
  • 14:24:33: RT @Lifehacker: Looking to keep your browsing private and secure? Cocoon wraps tons of security features into one simple Firefox addon: ...
  • 14:24:46: RT @sengineland: Google Eases Management of Negative Keywords, Changes AdWords Display
  • 14:25:12: RT @HuffPostTech: Wow! Hubble snaps image of 'strangely alive' space oddity
  • 14:25:15: RT @macworld: AT&T and Verizon iPhone plans compared:
  • 14:26:09: RT @CedarHillPress: Don't Think--Advice from Ray Bradbury #writers #amwriti ...
  • 15:18:25: A few Web Client conf. calls and site updates this afternoon. #SEO
  • 15:18:35: RT @HuffPostTech: MASSIVE Myspace layoffs confirmed by CEO
  • 15:18:54: RT @FakeeEtiquette: It is polite to help the homeless, as long as they talk nice.
  • 15:19:32: RT @emediavitals: #Dailymotion launched on-demand #content hubs based on trending topics in #socialmedia, #search, events & news http:// ...
  • 15:45:41: Transit Agencies Prepare For Next Winter Storm:
  • 15:46:47: RT @Lifehacker: Want better Google search results? Blacklist the ones you don't like:
  • 15:47:14: RT @IncMagazine: How the other half lives - and works. 11 Businesses You Can Start in Your Pajamas in 2011.
  • 15:47:57: RT @JoeMcKinney: Great review of my novel Quarantined:
  • 15:54:10: Resume Critiquing Service | Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • 15:56:50: RT @NicolePeeler: According to @jonathanmaberry, social media & branding yourself as an author vital author tools.
  • 16:54:19: RT @effedparkslope: BLOG'D: FIPS CARES: SNOWPOCALYPSE 2.0, AKA SNOWMAGEDDON!: Prepare yourselves! A crazy snowstorm is on its way AG... ...
  • 16:54:57: RT @sengineland: Yahoo-Bing Gaining On Google In Some Paid Search Metrics: Report
  • 16:55:13: RT @FakeAPStylebook: The plural of "Prius" is "Puppies." (@Toyota, we accept PayPal.)
  • 17:09:38: I spend so much time in my office that the floor beneath my office chair is cracking!
  • 18:44:33: Welcome to College Bound Athlete | Student Athlete Resource Guide for Soccer Scholarships
  • 18:45:20: RT @bychwych: Check out cheap Old School & Ante Mortem, discounts on their pages at Belfire Press! #supportthelittleguy
  • 18:45:44: RT @BrandonFord: Don't forget: RT this to help me reach 3,000 followers! I'll be choosing someone at random for a free signed copy of PA ...
  • 18:45:49: RT @tjcrowley: Myspace laid off half its staff today, so there are only 5 or 6 people left now.
  • 18:46:26: RT @Brooklyn_Events: NYC weather emergency declared, vehicles blocking roadways or impeding the ability to plow streets subject to towi ...
  • 18:46:28: RT @Brooklyn_Events: alternate side parking, payment at parking meters and garbage collections are suspended citywide until further notice.
  • 18:47:54: RT @TheHiredGuns: Yo Freelancers! Some mission-critical @incmagazine advice about that tricky home-office deduction => - ...
  • 18:49:35: RT @ChristophGolden: Let me join the chorus of voices asking you not to do business with this guy.
  • 18:49:43: RT @TheAtticClown: Today, @JeremyCShipp's soul tastes like peanut butter and spambled eggs.
  • 18:49:57: RT @macworld: Verizon iPhone: What you need to know
  • 18:50:04: RT @glenkrisch: Helping Leisure Authors, read about my idea at:
    Please spread the word. Retweets appre ...
  • 18:50:47: RT @TIME: Study: Regional slang is as common in tweets as dialects are in speech | (via @TIMENewsFeed)
  • 18:53:31: Whole Foods makes changes to emphasize health - Yahoo! Finance
  • 19:04:54: Boston debuts ambulance for obese patients - Yahoo! News
  • 19:11:53: RT @TechCrunch: Last Week, IE Was The Top Browser On TechCrunch. Wait, What? by @parislemon
  • 19:18:10: RT @Brooklyn_Events: Sounds like the snow will start after 9PM tonight, heaviest snow will be after midnight and before daybreak
  • 19:30:09: reasons-to-start-a-business-this-year: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
  • 19:32:26: Hmm, was kind of surprised to see the App Store in the latest Mac OS, 10.6.6 update; I thought @apple was saving that for Lion, 10.7...
  • 19:32:55: RT @wdprescott: Bumper sticker saw on way home: Vegetarian - Old Indian word for piss poor hunter. #loveit
  • 19:37:44: RT @13oclock: Google founder buys 193-foot boat for $45million Yeah, but is it "green"? #tcot #tlot #teaparty
  • 19:54:05: RT @SMDistillery: Safety Alerts Becoming Standard On Facebook (via @allfacebook)
  • 20:03:59: RT @cnnbrk: Snow on the ground in 49 of 50 states
  • 20:04:51: RT @sengineland: Yahoo-Bing Gaining On Google In Some Paid Search Metrics: Report
  • 20:43:09: Dear prospective Web Clients, I only take/make calls during regular business hours: 9am - 6pm! Has the whole world gone crazy?!
  • 20:53:12: RT @CedarHillPress: Tired of cold & snow? Hit a warm, sunny #BEACH! The company is great! Marlin, Darlin # #nurder ...
  • 21:22:11: Time to dig my blizzard boots out of the closet--I didn't have them for the last storm, when I was stranded on L.I. at my parents' house...
  • 21:50:24: RT @Sexstrology: #Leo's are very direct, sometimes to a fault.
  • 21:53:29: RT @SpongeBobThinks: Myspace DOES suck. The only person that still uses it is Patrick, but he only uses it because he thinks Facebook in ...
  • 22:35:27: RT @mrericsir: Our office has a Tribble infestation. Or maybe it's rats, I haven't looked too close.
  • 22:48:27: RT @mashable: What's the Difference Between AT&T and Verizon's 3G Networks? -
  • 22:51:06: Wow! I average 100 Tweets a day! Too much?
  • 22:52:36: RT @stevehuff: I used to be self-conscious about my feminine handwriting till I started stabbing people with fountain pens to compensate.
  • 22:56:18: Snow has begun. The perfect excuse to curl up with BLANKET OF WHITE: Please RT!
  • 22:56:29: RT @Brooklyn_Events: Nice story about John Maloney, who has lived in Windsor Terrace #Brooklyn for 70 years, in NY Times ...
  • 22:58:14: RT @Andrew_Wolter: Random giveaway of Zoe E. Whitten's (@Zoe_E_W ) ZOMBIE PUNTER for KINDLE. Details on Facebook at
  • 23:27:52: RT @ConanOBrien: Today is 1-11-11. In binary code, that’s considered “stuttering.”

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