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From Twitter 12-16-2010

  • 02:18:31: The Amy Grech Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today by @paul_e_cooley @horrornewsnet @johnjosephadams
  • 05:48:00: There's no stopping you today, especially if things start to g... More for Leo
  • 11:49:24: RT @FakeMTA: The G train is going to do whatever it wants today. So order in some pierogies and stuffed cabbage and work on your 1-act play.
  • 11:53:34: RT @PRNewswire: Bloomberg Branches Out to Editorial Writing, Makes Two Big Hires -
  • 11:54:46: RT @Sexstrology: Leo your whole personality is dynamic and attractive to others
  • 13:30:01: Missed UPS again yesterday. They're probably sending another book for #HWA Stoker Consideration I didn't request...
  • 13:31:18: RT @bychwych: #WW@amy_grech @xTheTonyx @Adam_Blomquist @wagthefox @jakebible @jeremycshipp @monsura @slushpilehero #SupportTheLittleGuy
  • 13:31:46: RT @FakeAPStylebook: You do not "log in," you "jack in" to the Matrix.
  • 13:32:32: RT @Lifehacker: Weird, but works: run a wire coat hanger along your clothes to nix static cling:
  • 13:32:48: RT @Mediabistro: The 6 Passwords You Shouldn’t Use Based On The Gawker Password Hacks (via @SocialTimes)
  • 13:35:56: Awaiting Web Client updates...Until, then will work on an interview. #writing
  • 13:36:23: Welcome to! The Unofficial Website of James Gandolfini, AKA Tony Soprano! via @amy_grech
  • 13:42:44: Supermarket Standoff: Macaroni and Cheese - Yahoo! Shopping
  • 13:48:30: Finally tried Tim Horton's Coffee yesterday. I like it more than Starbucks but not Dunkin' Doughnuts.
  • 13:48:38: RT @MWilliamsDayton: Harsh Economics of Social Media Tactics
  • 13:50:10: Keloid Treatments in Manhattan | New Jersey Keloid Removal, Skin Keloid Surgery, Scar Removal via @amy_grech
  • 13:53:40: RT @ATT_Fake_PR: Trouble with ur signal? Cuz the whole AT&T Network Operations Center is wasted on egg nog. Oops. Sorry. xo #ATT #hic
  • 13:53:42: From Twitter 12-15-2010
  • 14:02:41: RT @emediavitals: .@RonMwangaguhung shares two ways to shake up #Yahoo #CarolBartz
  • 14:03:34: RT @SocialNetDaily: One of the "Best" Twitter Cheat Sheet (via @socialguide)
  • 14:05:07: RT @nytimes: NYT NEWS ALERT: WikiLeaks Founder Is Released From Custody
  • 14:11:51: RT @HuffPostTech: Coming from Apple in January...(hint: it's not the iPad 2)
  • 14:25:17: RT @BreakingBad_AMC: Bryan Cranston Nabs Screen Actors Guild Nomination
  • 14:32:59: Got some web work! Later!
  • 15:43:57: RT @SocialNetDaily: An Incredible Post by Brian @briansolis: 21 Twitter Tips From Socially Savvy Companies (via @fast ...
  • 15:44:12: RT @FakeeEtiquette: If your birds are angry, it is polite to fling them at green pigs for some reason.
  • 17:17:52: RT @sengineland: Search Is No. 2 Online Activity Across All Age Groups: Pew Study
  • 17:17:59: RT @Sexstrology: #Leo is romantic in love
  • 17:18:09: RT @FakeAPStylebook: References to pop culture should resonate with your remaining readers, so avoid mentioning any works released after ...
  • 17:18:36: RT @ZombieRiot: If Santa doesn't exist, who did I just run down in the mall parking lot?
  • 17:19:55: RT @FakeMTA: The A/C trains are experiencing delays due to a problem with the pod bay doors.
  • 18:11:06: Wow, every time I log into the New Twitter, I seem to lose a follower. Bad omen?
  • 18:12:14: Linguine and Pesto sauce for dinner later!
  • 18:12:46: RT @Lifehacker: We updated the Browser Speed Tests (again!) to note an IE9 update we missed: #MovingTargets
  • 19:04:47: RT @Lifehacker: Delicious is getting shut down. Here's how to get all those bookmarks into your browser before it kicks the bucket: http ...
  • 19:11:48: RT @SocialNetDaily: 8 Tips for Embracing Change in #SocialMedia by @SocialMedia2Day (via @KenBanks) #SM #SMM
  • 19:22:26: RT @sengineland: Tips To Improve Your B2B Link Building Efforts
  • 19:25:55: RT @mashable: How Twitter Users Changed in 2010 [CHARTS] -
  • 19:40:56: RT @NYCMayorsOffice: NYC unemployment fell to 9.1% in November, while it climbed to 9.8% nationally. Still too high, but we continue mov ...
  • 20:49:41: One of my Clients forgot to mail their check. Ah, the perils of freelancing...
  • 20:51:15: RT @TIME: Happy 235th birthday, Jane Austen | (via @TIMENewsFeed)
  • 21:00:11: RT @JanetRudolph: Story of Christmas in the Digital Age Video
  • 21:03:36: RT @dannysullivan: dear facebook. how about sharing some of that ad revenue on our fan pages with, dunno, the content owners?
  • 21:22:04: Need to wrap Christmas Presents this weekend...Have you finished yours??
  • 21:24:45: Working on Author Interview questions...Will let you know when it's live!
  • 21:36:18: RT @mashable: New Facebook Features Exposed in Accidental Update -
  • 22:23:43: We could have snow on Sunday and Monday...Think I'll go see THE FIGHTER on Saturday night.
  • 23:30:35: RT @Edgar_Allan_Poe: My favorite plaything as a child was the corpse of my baby sister, Rosalie. The stench of death brings back delight ...
  • 23:32:51: I've got lots of updates for @gfahertycprw tomorrow. #SEO
  • 23:51:09: RT @Sidney_Williams: Crossroad Press has posted a new iteration of the cover art of my supernatural thriller Blood Hunter. http://amzn.t ...

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