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The Recession: Three Years Later

In 2007 I landed a pretty sweet full time job in SoHo as an Online Editor for an eye care magazine.  I managed a staff of 15 people, had my own business card, got to go to Las Vegas twice to attend industry trade shows, and got a pair of fancy glasses for $75.00 wholesale--the lenses were free!  Not too shabby...

I had a 20-minute commute from Brooklyn, medical, dental and a 401K.  I also freelanced on the side, because you never know...In late 2008, the company started to cut back, gone were the free breakfast platters every Friday morning.  The Holiday Party got nixed, too.  I got laid off in March 2009 and have been collecting unemployment ever since, longer than 99 weeks...

The money I get from my Web Clients doesn't cover all of my bills, only rent...When my COBRA ended in September; I got a Sole Proprietor Plan with Oxford. Having to pay for my own Health Insurance has stretched my budget to the max; I have a $50.00 co-pay for doctors visits; consequently, I've been forced to postpone some appointments.

I've been very frugal. I used to go out to dinner and to the movies a few times a month.  Now I go once or twice, if I'm lucky...

I don't care what the media says the Great Recession is actually a Depression that's been raging for three long years...

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