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Versatility is Key...

I've been a full-time freelancer for almost two years now.  I've been fortunate to have steady work from current clients.  A previous client I worked with six years ago referred someone new who needed a website.  I hadn't designed a site from scratch in two years--most of my clients had someone else design their sites and I handle Search Engine optimization for them, or I designed their site a few years ago. I jumped at the chance--it felt good to build a website from the ground up!

I get a lot of gigs from LinkedIn.  Last year, a woman who needed to learn SEO so she could change careers contacted me to inquire about one-on-one SEO training. I wasn't to keen on revealing my coveted secrets, but money was a great motivator!  It also enabled me to expand my business; now, I offer small business SEO training. I had a company, Venus Ribbon, find me via googling NYC SEO Specialist.  Ah, the power of organic SEO!

Recently a good friend of mine asked if I could retouch 100+ wedding photos she took for a client.  I worked my Photoshop magic and now have added Photo Retouching to my expanding services.

I get a lot of referrals from current clients, who know people interested in my services. Having a stellar reputation and going above and beyond will keep clients coming back for more!
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