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From Twitter 11-12-2010

  • 02:18:35: The Amy Grech Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today by @EVbooks @socialmediayoda
  • 03:13:32: From Twitter 11-11-2010
  • 05:29:04: Someone you trust may inadvertently hurt your feelings today b... More for Leo
  • 11:15:16: My friend's son didn't have Toy Story 3 for Xbox. Score!
  • 11:16:36: RT @socialmedia2day: Customer Service in a Hyper Social World #custserv via @themaria
  • 11:17:14: RT @sengineland: Google Protects Its Trademark Against Aussie Alcohol Search Engine
  • 11:17:21: RT @HuffPostTech: PHOTOS: The 7 *Craziest* Places To Tweet
  • 11:18:30: RT @sengineland: Google Can Index “Almost Any Text” In A Flash (SWF) File
  • 11:23:37: E-mail down, again! This just won't do!
  • 13:02:37: Been a hell of a week! Client changed her FB password and forgot to tell me...
  • 13:03:50: RT @FakeAPStylebook: REMEMBER: The death of newspapers may also cause the deaths of pinatas, lazy people's wrapping paper and many hamst ...
  • 13:05:14: RT @FakeeEtiquette: The polite response to a rude, anonymous comment is to breathlessly threaten to turn off comments and then not do it.
  • 13:06:16: Novella | Fallen Angel by Amy Grech and Michael McCarty via @amy_grech
  • 13:19:38: Any exciting plans this weekend? I'm heading to L.I. to visit the fam. later this afternoon!
  • 13:21:46: RT @SocialNetDaily: 8 Simple Steps to Growing a Quality #Twitter Following A Powerful-Read by @smexaminer) #Tw #SM
  • 13:26:15: RT @mashable: Follow Mashable on StumbleUpon for the editor's picks & top stories:
  • 13:37:29: RT @SethMacFarlane: In today's economy, if I bought a shopping mall and tried to turn it into a park, I bet those "Breakin'" kids would ...
  • 13:51:00: RT @Mediabistro: 3 Tips for Writing a Killer Twitter Bio: (via @AllTwtr)
  • 14:02:07: RT @mrericsir: Good news if you want Mark Zuckerberg to read your email: Facebook is launching an e-mail service.
  • 14:12:55: RT @nickbilton: 3 Alarm fire in Brooklyn on 5th Ave & 17th street. Supermarket & row houses on fire.
  • 15:34:15: Gonna work on the novella for a bit before I head out for that train! #amwriting
  • 15:35:06: RT @nytimes: 20-Somethings Live the Small Life in New York Apartments
  • 15:36:48: RT @FakeeEtiquette: You may have heard you shouldn't feed the trolls, but it is, in fact, rude to do anything in or around a troll's mouth.
  • 15:36:55: RT @jgfaherty: Scare someone for Xmas! Carnival of Fear is available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and And you can order ...

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