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Snowy Day

I love freshly fallen snow--it makes everything look clean and new--and the air smells crisp.  Everyone seems to take it easy when it snows.  I slept in, and then went out to buy a copy of Newsday.

I remember how my friends and I would make snow angles, go sledding down a really steep hill near my house on Long Island.  Snow Days meant a welcome break from school.  We also had our share of snowball fights...The morning after a blizzard, the snow was up to our waists and we all pitched in to make a snow fort that fit two people!  It had a window and an icicle fence.  It was our sanctuary for a week every afternoon, until we came back home from school and all that remained was a huge puddle.

Stay safe out there, everything is supposed to freeze up and remember, the yellow snow isn't lemonade!
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