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I started getting Freelance Web Design Gigs 12 years ago.  My first client responded to a flyer I plastered around my subway station: NEED A WEBSITE IN A GIFFY?  COUNT ON ME TO MAKE IT SPIFFY!!  When I first started out, I had no idea that I should be billing clients on a monthly basis, so this particular client would pay me every few months, no problem because I also had a full time job. 

Now that I have a dozen steady Web Clients and am freelancing full time, I bill all of my clients on a monthly basis.

On several occasions, my very client has taken over a year to pay me; a few months ago, she asked for more updates.  I told her my hands were tied until she paid.  I gave her until October 31 to remit even partial payment and have sent her several e-mail and text reminders...She has a domain name up for renewal; guess it's going to expire.  I am also putting all four of the websites on my web server on lock down, so no one else can make update until I'm paid!

I really hate to do it, but sometimes the only way to get paid is by being mean!
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