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Freelancing: A Primer

With unemployment at an all-time high, more and more people are freelancing to make ends meet. 

Here are few helpful hints for those new to the wonderful world of freelancing.  

I've been freelancing for over ten years now. When I first started out, I didn't require a retainer or bill clients every month. Consequently, I never received payment for a project and am still stuck with my first client, who has taken a year to pay an invoice; I won't lift another finger until she coughs up at least half of what she owes!  

I learned the hard way to always get a retainer, 50% of my total fee up-front, after an initial client meeting, but before I begin the actual work. Doing so is my way of testing the client to see how committed they are to their project. If a new client refuses to give me a retainer, I won't work with them.

 Another lesson I learned after a client didn't want to work with me because I got a full-time job is set boundaries.

When I first started out and was building my client base, I would come home from my full-time day job and after dinner, work for my clients until 1:00 am.  Most of them took advantage of my diligence, demanding updates during the weekend. I complied, only taking Friday nights off, without fail. 

Since I got laid off from my last full-time job in March 2009 and work from home during the day, I stop client work @ 7:00 pm, every night and I don't work weekends, unless a client is willing to pay double my fee.  I use my free time to spend time with my friends and family, read, watch TV, or write.
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