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From Twitter 09-23-2010

  • 03:17:50: From Twitter 09-22-2010
  • 04:21:03: Your vision of where you want to go and what you want to do is... More for Leo
  • 12:35:12: Went to Trader Joe's, so I have a spring roll & sushi for lunch!
  • 12:35:43: Download BLANKET OF WHITE for your Kindle: #SupportTheLittleGuy
  • 12:36:59: RT @HuffPostTech: UPSET: Facebook CEO Tops Steve Jobs
  • 12:37:15: RT @BrandonLayng: #SupportTheLittleGuy @OccultDetective @coachhousebooks @jimbronyaur @rosefox @WagTheFox @bnapier @Zoe_E_W @apexjason R ...
  • 12:37:19: RT @BrandonLayng: #SupportTheLittleGuy @ShroudDanny @bychwych @anakronistical @aaronpolson @susan_bischoff Why are you not reading their ...
  • 12:37:22: RT @BrandonLayng: #SupportTheLittleGuy @docfantastique @taylorkv @MichaelKnost @ApexBookCompany @michpendergrass @redpennypapers Writers ...
  • 12:37:33: RT @OHnewsroom: Managing editor while pacing the room: “All right, everybody’s on task. I don’t know what to do.”
  • 12:37:51: RT @FakeAPStylebook: "Controversial" is a legal term meaning "probably wrong, but we can't be bothered to check."
  • 12:38:29: RT @socialmedia2day: Top 7 Rules For Creating Compelling Headlines #sm
  • 12:39:48: RT @FakeeEtiquette: If a gadget blog seems biased toward company you hate, the best way to show your distaste is to visit it daily. That ...
  • 12:41:25: Economists claim the Great Recession ended in July 2009...Seriously?! That's not what my wallet is telling me!
  • 12:46:38: RT @Sephera: Get CAMPUS CHILLS signed at Word on the Street by editor Mark Leslie Lefebvre, authors Nancy Kilpatrick, Sephera Giron. ht ...
  • 12:50:07: Welcome to College Bound Athlete | Student Athlete Resource Guide for Soccer Scholarships via @amy_grech
  • 12:53:11: Lots of Web Client updates after lunch!
  • 12:57:17: RT @nickbilton: Millions of Friends, but Not Very Popular. NYT review of 'The Social Network':
  • 12:57:25: RT @Sharktopus2010: Just 3 days left. Sharktopus on @Syfy Saturday September 25th 9/8 central. #CHOMP it if you dare!
  • 14:44:28: RT @emediavitals: Augmented reality: Does it make the experience better, or is it just gimmicky?
  • 14:44:53: RT @Lifehacker: Be Prepared For Everyday Tech Problems with an Essentials Backup Kit
  • 14:45:29: RT @FakeeEtiquette: The polite way to make up for calling your social media site's users "dumb fucks" is throw millions of dollars at so ...
  • 16:41:02: RT @southernweirdo: My chapbook, Isotropes: A Collection of Speculative Haibun is now available on Smashwords:
  • 16:41:28: RT @FakeAPStylebook: While a Representative may be located in Bumfuckistan, his district probably has a more formal name you should use ...
  • 16:41:36: RT @OHnewsroom: Slot editor: “The later it gets, the easier I am to please.”
  • 16:41:47: RT @emediavitals: Can "entrepreneurial journalism" save Forbes?
  • 18:01:10: RT @Mediabistro: "World's oldest startup" turns 40 - (@PCMag via @mbStartups)
  • 18:03:20: RT @ZombieRiot: Now that Facebook is down I finally have the time to revisit my addiction to crack.
  • 18:04:35: RT @facebook: Facebook may be slow or unavailable for some people because of site issues. We're working to fix this quickly.
  • 18:36:09: RT @franfriel: :-( At MadCon, an ailing Harlan Ellison will say goodbye - Isthmus | The Daily Page via @AddThis
  • 19:08:00: RT @fastcompany: Digg Redesigns, Loses More Than A Quarter of Audience
  • 19:08:07: RT @lunchmonkey: NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!
  • 19:43:35: RT @DarkWoofer: Katy Perry banned from Sesame Street for showing too much cleavage? WTF! Miss Piggy showed a helluva lot more cleavage t ...

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