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From Twitter 09-21-2010

  • 03:18:36: From Twitter 09-20-2010
  • 04:24:07: Having control over your finances continues to be a struggle, ... More for Leo
  • 14:12:09: Had a very productive meeting with @venusribbon this morning. Their site already has some page one listings @ Google in under a week!
  • 14:15:21: So psyched for @GLEEonFOX tonight and also SONS OF ANARCHY!
  • 14:15:39: Finished Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro
  • 14:16:51: RT @socialmedia2day: How to Introduce Social Media to Your Business
  • 14:17:42: RT @Mediabistro: First there was texting and driving and now Kindle-reading and driving? [VIDEO] ( via @eBookNewser)
  • 14:20:19: RT @NewYorkPost: MTA And NYPD Have Their Hi-Tech New Eyes In The Sky At Subway Stations:
  • 14:23:32: RT @OHnewsroom: Editor, as training session was about to begin: “They’ll never get me to stop peeing on the carpet.”
  • 14:28:22: RT @BreakingNews: Fed Reserve expresses recovery concern, signals it could act to help jobs -
  • 14:30:11: RT @RGrayFiction: Happy Birthday Stephen King.
  • 14:41:49: RT @stevehuff: Stephen King is one of my top-5 favorite authors of all time. Jokes made to honor his b-day are made with respect & affec ...
  • 16:22:08: RT @FakeAPStylebook: ORLY: A French town. YARLY: How often pirates go to Orly. NOWAI: Shouldn't eat past midnight. YAWAI: One of the 9 b ...
  • 16:22:24: RT @HuffPostTech: The Legend of Mark Zuckerberg via @thinkcomp
  • 16:23:10: RT @FakeMTA: The F train has a few spare Pavement tickets for tonight, if anyone's interested.
  • 16:23:19: RT @eldritchthought: "Don't feel small because there is no other intelligent life in the universe. Feel small because they all want to ...
  • 17:43:13: RT @nyccravings: New York City’s Top Ten Food Trucks - Stuff to Do in New York City...
  • 17:43:26: RT @GLEEonFOX: Check out and exclusive first look at Charice on #GLEE!
  • 17:43:58: RT @OHnewsroom: Reporter: “At what point is it ok for me to tell people I have what I need and don’t care what else they have to say?”
  • 18:04:11: Sometimes you just gotta grab life by the balls and SQUEEZE!
  • 18:40:16: RT @FANGORIA: Stephen King on SONS OF ANARCHY tonight, promo and interview about the show and THROTTLE, his novella w/ son, Joe Hill htt ...
  • 18:53:36: RT @thedailybeast: Meet Hollywoods Most Private Accessory: The #Merkin. @clairehoworth on the #NSFW history of "the wig for down there" ...
  • 19:10:46: RT @GLEEonFOX: Check it out #GLEEks, an extended look at the “Empire State of Mind” performance from tonight’s premiere – ...
  • 19:14:44: RT @GinaRanalli: this book wants to cuddle w/you under the blankets tonight. House of Fallen Trees by Gina Ranalli
  • 19:27:32: RT @PsychToday: Zombies stalk the earth! - I mean real zombies, not the zombies in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. Pullman desc... ...
  • 19:31:21: RT @fastcompany: Flash Defeats HTML5 in Round One by a Knockout

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