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From Twitter 09-09-2010

  • 03:19:04: From Twitter 09-08-2010
  • 04:28:36: You may have recently received a financial surprise yet now re... More for Leo
  • 14:23:58: Saw a hilarious bumper sticker this morning: MY KARMA RAN OVER MY DOGMA.
  • 14:32:56: Had a Pizza Cone today for lunch; tasty concept!
  • 14:39:58: Lots of SEO updates for @venusribbon after a productive meeting!
  • 14:57:37: RT @emediavitals: Like it or not, Twitter has become a news platform
  • 14:58:49: RT @OHnewsroom: Editor 1: “Does anybody have any white out?” Editor 2: “No. Here in the newsroom we don’t make mistakes.”
  • 16:40:45: RT @fastcompany: iTunes Costs Apple $1 Billion to Run
  • 16:40:52: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Use only one space after a period, never two. Menstruation's not contagious, fellas.
  • 17:14:15: RT @HuffPostTech: FYI: How To TURN OFF Google's New ' Instant ' Feature
  • 17:16:15: RT @Sharktopus2010: I CHOMPed a lifeguard who won't stop blowing his whistle. Next time I'll remember to chew before I swallow. Now I so ...
  • 18:02:36: RT @SocialNetDaily: HOW TO: Respond to Rants & Other Criticism on the Social Web (via @kenbanks)
  • 18:16:52: RT @TrueBloodHBO: Is there a veggie burger with bacon? RT @OMGTrueBlood: You should think about franchising Merlotte's. ...
  • 18:51:19: RT @socialmedia2day: 6 Social Media Marketing Goals You May Be Over-Looking #sm
  • 19:11:24: RT @3liSays: Well, since the Koran burning is cancelled, let's not waste an event, there are plenty of Twilight books around.
  • 19:15:10: RT @nickbilton: Steve Jobs was a hacker; video of him admitting that build 'blue boxes' with Woz -
  • 19:20:18: RT @Joan_Rivers: I saw the worst drag queen in NY today.She needed to be more careful "tucking." It looked like she had Gary Coleman stu ...

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