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From Twitter 09-03-2010

  • 04:45:38: You might actually believe that you are being very clear in yo... More for Leo
  • 09:52:38: RT @HuffPostTech: PIONEERS: The 31 Most Innovative Start-Ups To Watch
  • 10:54:48: Download BLANKET OF WHITE for your Kindle:
  • 10:55:39: RT @socialmedia2day: Demonstrating the Power of Digital Marketing in 2 Minutes #sm
  • 10:56:28: RT @FakeAPStylebook: The correct spelling is "syzygy." Now go back to your ELP albums and leave us alone.
  • 11:00:49: Welcome to! The Unofficial Website of James Gandolfini, AKA Tony Soprano! via @amy_grech
  • 11:03:47: RT @BreakingNews: Hurricane Earl weakens to Category 1 storm as it moves up East Coast - National Hurricane Center
  • 11:06:20: Since I can't make it to Horrorfind, #amwriting.
  • 11:19:39: Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend! I hope to get a lot of writing done!
  • 11:50:14: RT @mashable: Twitter Surpasses 145 Million Registered Users -
  • 11:51:06: RT @choptopmoseley: Dinner last night at Ruby Tuesday's w/ Gary Busey, two/thirds of "The Human Centipede" and a "Predator." Sometimes h ...
  • 13:00:03: RT @OHnewsroom: Reporter, as day drags on: “They need some beer in that vending machine or I’m not going to make it here much longer.”
  • 17:03:21: RT @TheHiredGuns: Give before you Receive: Expect to use your references at a min. of 20X in your career. Now ask yourself, what have I ...
  • 17:18:14: RT @Joan_Rivers: Angelina Jolie announced that after SALT, she is finished with acting...when did she start?

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