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From Twitter 08-31-2010

  • 04:33:14: Your emotional steadiness plays a significant role as you cont... More for Leo
  • 10:17:38: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Roman numerals are neither Roman nor numeric. They're, like, letters, right? Are we the only ones seeing this?
  • 10:19:20: RT @emediavitals: The Atlantic joins other magazines in Tumblr experimentation
  • 10:22:53: Got a great idea for the novella right before I turned in last night. Love it when that happens!
  • 11:53:21: Just got back from mailing BLANKET OF WHITE to another reviewer. My hand-held fan got lots of looks. It does the job!
  • 11:54:27: Need to take care of a blog post for a client. Am doing SEO training a group of five tomorrow. Need to prep for meeting later.
  • 11:55:01: RT @socialmedia2day: 3 Instant Ways to Make Your Social Media Better
  • 12:02:36: Download my short story, "Damp Wind and Leaves" for your Kindle:
  • 13:48:44: RT @PsychToday: Life in the Fast Lane, Part IV: Rebelliousness, Risk, Social Deviance, and Educational Intervention
  • 13:51:45: RT @tinybuddha: "Letting go of the past means that can you enjoy the dream that is happening right now." ~Don Miguel Ruiz
  • 14:02:28: Final got a welcome packet from Oxford, but no insurance card; need to investigate.
  • 14:31:55: Oxford Health Insurance card is one the way; you'd think they'd mail that BEFORE the welcome packet...
  • 14:36:10: RT @HappySquared: Always remember, a true friend will save you from buying a condo in a poor location.
  • 15:00:14: Welcome to! The Unofficial Website of James Gandolfini, AKA Tony Soprano! via @amy_grech
  • 16:01:00: Marked as to-read: Her Sanctuary by P.Q. Glisson
  • 16:14:41: RT @HuffPostTech: Twitter's 'Who To Follow' Feature Temporarily Turned OFF: Here's Why
  • 16:15:03: RT @FFCoffee: Random coffee fact: The average coffee tree has a lifespan of up to 50-70 years. That's a lot of coffee! Check out... http ...
  • 16:15:18: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Avoid repeating common myths: we only use 10% of our brains, drink 8 glasses of water a day, man landed on the moon.
  • 16:15:44: RT @xombahorror: Danny DeVito Takes a Stab at Horror
  • 16:16:24: RT @GLEEonFOX: Go #GLEE! Congratulations to Ryan Murphy for his Emmy win - Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series! #emmys10
  • 16:20:44: RT @CTCTHelp: Small businesses – do you think the economy is getting better for you? Let us know here:
  • 17:15:51: RT @WritersDigest: 8 Basic Writing Blunders -
  • 17:19:17: RT @amnewyork: Drink up. You may live longer.
  • 19:10:43: RT @amnewyork: Wonder what happened to the guy who exiled himself to the bathroom for 5 days to wean himself off the Internet? http://ti ...
  • 19:16:50: RT @JeffreyFeldman: goodbye Iraq quagmire...hello domestic quagmire #Obama #speech
  • 19:25:51: RT @simondumenco: "Mad Men" Jumps the Shark: exclusive TENTH season preview! (1:55 video)
  • 19:37:28: A Kitten for Hitler:
  • 19:52:13: Time to hit the novella for an hour or so... #amwriting
  • 21:02:22: This Was New York’s Hottest Summer:
  • 21:14:08: Twitter helps me promote my books quickly and easily. #wpfchat
  • 21:31:52: Looking forward to SEO training with new client, a small group, tomorrow morning.
  • 22:02:58: RT @fastcompany: What's Hiding in Apple's Guitar: Touchscreen iPod Nano, & All Tomorrow's Rumors

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