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From Twitter 08-29-2010

  • 04:30:57: You may already be missing summer, even though it isn't over y... More for Leo
  • 14:52:42: RT @FakeeEtiquette: It is polite to consider renting a movie you wish to see before finding and watching it on YouTube.
  • 14:54:32: RT @5tevenw: These two words will open you many doors in life... "pull & push".
  • 14:55:42: Gonna be a hot week in the Big Apple; this does NOT make me happy!
  • 16:22:33: I've got some web client updates to work on before dinner, then it's TV time!
  • 16:27:57: RT @WFSBnews: Internet Phasing Out Print Dictionary: It's been in print for over a century, but in future the Oxford English Dic... http ...
  • 16:37:37: RT @Joan_Rivers: I saw Julia Roberts in the new movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” Now I want to see Kirstie Alley’s version: “Eat, Pray, Eat Agai ...
  • 16:56:02: RT @copyblogger: 49 Creative Ways You Can Profit From Content Marketing -
  • 18:01:21: RT @SocialNetDaily: #Twitter: How To Get Celebrities To Tweet You by @@shannonalbert (via @kenbanks)
  • 18:06:55: Feline foot fetish!

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