amygrech (amygrech) wrote,

Delicious Southern Fare in Brooklyn

As a small business owner, I'm always happy to support new restaurants. When I head about Seersucker, I knew I had to treat myself.  I went for dinner last night and wasn't disappointed!  I started with two savory biscuits served with two kinds of jam and sensational honey butter.  I decided to try a glass of raspberry wine, sweet and slightly tart, it was the perfect complement!  I ordered Shrimp and Grits, served with hot sauce.  Other than one of the shrimps not being peeled, it was scrumptious!  I made the mistake of ordering sweet cream ice cream for dessert; it was nothing more than vanilla ice cream...My only gripe, no Key Lime Pie on the menu.  

If you live in Brooklyn and are looking for a change of pace, give Seersucker a try!
Tags: brooklyn, cobble hill

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