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From Twitter 08-09-2010

  • 04:42:20: The New Moon in your fiery sign makes today your own special N... More for Leo
  • 09:43:24: Download BLANKET OF WHITE for your Kindle:
  • 09:44:42: RT @emediavitals: AddThis provider Clearspring launches audience targeting tools
  • 09:46:36: RT @douglaswhite: 38 (almost) must have social media resources from Mashable
  • 09:47:21: Errands then off to the dentist later on.
  • 10:37:15: RT @emediavitals: Digital imitation is a form of flattery for Publishers
  • 10:37:45: RT @nitewanderer: RT @doctoratlantis: It's 8/9/10 today. I have no idea why that makes me giggle.
  • 10:44:58: RT @FakeEditor: I discovered something yesterday. Being an editor means I never run out of paper on which to drain my bacon. Keep sendin ...
  • 10:45:07: RT @geoffreyg: Happy 8/9/10, especially to anyone who's just learning to count and needs the practice...
  • 10:52:44: RT @copyblogger: 60 Ways to Increase Your Influence Online -
  • 10:59:42: RT @socialmedia2day: Building the Business Case for Behavioral Targeting
  • 11:04:44: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...
  • 11:05:53: Am seeking new SEO Clients. Check out my portfolio: All of my websites boast page 1 listings.
  • 15:34:44: Needed to copy 2009 tax return to apply for heath insurance now that my COBRA is about to run out...
  • 15:35:23: Scored free copies, worth $6.50 @ Staples because two machines were broken!
  • 15:35:32: RT @ZombieRiot: They say the hardest thing for a parent to do is bury their children. I'd have to agree. Mine kept trying to climb out.
  • 15:35:52: RT @Mediabistro: What do you think of using social media to propose to someone? Informal poll:
  • 15:36:55: RT @FakeeEtiquette: It is rude to bring the funny if you agreed previously to bring dessert.
  • 15:37:30: RT @FakeAPStylebook: A "Homo erectus" is an extinct hominid. A "homo erectus" is a gay Italian construction worker.
  • 15:49:53: Gawd, it's brutal out there! So glad I don't have any appointments tomorrow! I'll be chillin' in my apt.!
  • 17:24:11: I've re-designed my website! Check it out:
  • 17:24:18: RT @Lifehacker: Reduce Email Volume by Communicating Through Speed-Appropriate Channels
  • 17:25:44: RT @newyorkpost: #JetBlue Attendant Flips out at JFK, Flees Through Emergency Chute
  • 17:30:50: RT @TraceyJohn: THE BEST WAY TO QUIT A JOB EVER! JetBlue flight attendant says FU on PA & takes emergency slide out: ...
  • 17:33:03: RT @jonfmerz: New blog post: The Future for Writers - Please share, retweet, repost, send to Santa Claus, etc. etc ...
  • 17:47:03: RT @newyorkpost: Video: A $25K Dessert
  • 18:06:19: RT @FakeAPStylebook: You may only use the word impact as a verb if you are discussing an unfortunate condition of the lower intestines.
  • 18:40:38: RT @JeremyCShipp: Are you chicken? (An RT would be lovely.)

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