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You Too Can Master The Art of Deception

Over the years, several people have asked me if I've ever written a novel. As a matter a fact I did and it was published when I was a wee, lass of 28! The book is called The Art of Deception; I wrote it in 1996, spent 3 years polishing it and found a publisher for it in 2000. I call it my World Trade Center novel--that's where most of the action in the book takes place.

Here's the copy from the back flap:

New York City can be cruel but not nearly as nasty as Russell Silverburg's former employee, Joan Clifton. After he raped her, she fled to California to create Share Well Industries, a company he is profitably investing his clients' money in. Russell is shocked when Share Well Industries' stock plummets. After some fact checking, he discovers the corporation is a scam Joan devised to get even—a financial rape that will leave Russell defenseless and vulnerable.

You can purchase this title at, and

Happy reading!
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