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WordPress Woes

So my new client wants to use WordPress for one of his websites.  I've been coding by hand for 11 years now; I've also used several content management systems that let you toggle between a Visual and an HTML tab.  I usually had to clean up code via the HTML tab--I love to code, it relaxes me and the layout is error-free that way...

If you want to add want to make a WordPress site SEO friendly, you'll need to install a plugin...Seriously???  I tried to layout three images above some text; the trext wrapped around the last image.  Not the effect I had in mind.  I tried adding line breaks; when that didn't work, I resorted to paragraph breaks, but WordPress did not acknowledge my code.  I believe WordPress id driven by PHP; therein lies the rub...

Also wondering if it's possible to create a thumbnail gallery and create relevant pages that reveal a larger version of each thumbnail?

Let me say, I'm brand new to WordPress.  Can any WordPress pros out there shed some light on the subject of creating tables in WordPress without borders that blend seemlessly with the background color?  I created a table via the HTML tab with a border of 0 and a background color of white, to match the site background, but WordPress added an ugly border around the table.  Guess there's a plugin for that...
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