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  • 10:25 SHERK wasn't that good... #
  • 10:25 Way too hot out! Ran some errands and had breakfast @ Dunkin' Doughnuts! #
  • 10:39 Web Client updates today; tonight, I hope to get some writing done. #
  • 10:45 Hi to my new followers! Hope you enjoy my Tweets! #
  • 11:31 Fallen Angel Review: #
  • 11:49 They re-use the 3-D glasses at my theater. Yuck! Mine were used. #
  • 13:27 Because I went to the bank to deposit some check this morning, I got two more in today's mail...They'll have to wait 'til Monday. #
  • 15:38 RT @socialmedia2day How Do You Define Social Media Success? #
  • 16:11 I am listening to the TFW- McCarty and Grech show by The Funky Werepig on #BlogTalkRadio - #
  • 17:31 Time to hit the novella, hard... #
  • 18:46 Am going to give online dating on TONY a try... #
  • 19:36 Doing some medical research! #
  • 19:44 Looking forward to Necon! #summerisgreatbecause #
  • 19:45 Am listening to Coldplay while I write. Laugh all you want, but it really gets my muse going! #
  • 19:49 Need to know how to sterilize a scalpel outside an O.R. Can it be done with a match, or would rubbing alcohol be better? #
  • 20:49 Do You Two Have Chemistry? #
  • 21:32 Does anyone else think it's kinda late for my downstairs neighbors to be vacuuming their apartment?? #
  • 03:53 You may be so sensitive today that you know things that are be... More for Leo #
  • 09:03 Am off to the Post Office after lunch to mail BLANKET OF WHITE to a reviewer. #
  • 09:08 FALLEN ANGEL, co-authored with Michael McCarty is available at Horror Mall: Would love a RT! #
  • 09:10 Hi to my new followers! Hope you enjoy my Tweets! #
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