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  • 10:48 Finished errands and had an iced coffee and turkey sausage egg white flat break from Dunkin' Doughnuts for breakfast! #
  • 10:48 Boy, it's humid out; got the AC pumpin'! #
  • 10:54 Lots of Web Client updates today... #
  • 10:56 Am seeking new SEO Clients. Check out my portfolio: All of my websites boast page 1 listings. #
  • 15:07 Hi to my new followers. Hope you like my tweets! #
  • 16:11 New blog post: When did you Decide to Become a Writer? #
  • 04:06 You are ready for action, but your heart is telling you to rem... More for Leo #
  • 09:06 On page 100 of 292 of Dweller by Jeff Strand #
  • 09:08 Ah, the perils of freelancing...It's either feast or famine...This week, famine. #
  • 09:10 FALLEN ANGEL, co-authored with Michael McCarty is available at Horror Mall: Would love a RT! #
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