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How I beat the slots in Vegas...

I won a nice chunk of change, $1,600, in Vegas playing quarter, dollar and five dollar slots! I only went home with $1,200--I treated myself to an 11th row center $100 ticket to Cirque du Soleil's Mystere at Treasure Island. The show was phenomenal--the acrobatic actors wore colorful costumes and pulled off some really incredible moves!

Back to the slots...I have a few tactics: I only play certain machines, Pinball, Double Triple Cherries, The Munsters, Double Diamonds, Double Triple Diamonds, and Haywire. I start with quarter slots and play machines in high traffic areas, because casinos want people to see winners! When I win $80 or more on quarters--I won $120 in less than 15 minutes, I switch to dollar machines--I prefer to play machines on the far end of a row--the tend to pay faster--though I did win on some middle of the row machines. I even won $25 on a five-dollar machine, so I went to the high-limit slots and played a hundred dollar machine, but I lost...

I won more betting three credits at once, instead of just one. I won $340, $360 at each casino: the Venetian, Treasure Island, Harrah's, New York, New York, the MGM Grand, Excalibur, and Tropicana, which was the only casino that still paid with coins--that's the best sound in the word--the fake clanging that accompanies the payment vouchers pails in comparison.

I had some really good food, including a volcanic shrimp cocktail, but I missed out on sushi...My co-workers even gave me $$. I won one girl $100 with her $20, so she was happy!
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