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  • 12:10 Gawd, it's hot! I hate the humidity! Got some cookie dough ice cream to devour tonight! #
  • 12:16 eBay Auction Issue #62: The William Peter Blatty Special Issue: Ends tomorrow!! #
  • 12:18 Happy Sweet 16 to me! That's how long I've been writing and publishing my Horror! Hard to believe! #
  • 12:35 FALLEN ANGEL, co-authored with Michael McCarty is a best-seller at Horror Mall: Would love a RT! #
  • 15:35 Hung new curtains in the kitchen. What a pain! Had to find the second curtain rod buried in my closet. Then I had trouble hanging them. #
  • 16:14 7 New Rules For Getting Ahead: #
  • 04:24 Your words carry more weight today than you realize, so use th... More for Leo #
  • 07:48 Torrential rain today; glad I work from home and don't have to go out! #
  • 07:51 Am up way too early for an 8AM - 1PM appt. for National Grid to upgrade my gas equipment for the stove. #
  • 07:55 Can't wait to see The Human Centipede; looks like a really sick movie! #
  • 08:31 is offering SEO Training to companies and individuals at reasonable rates: #
  • 09:01 Just updated #
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