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Vegas, Baby!

I'm off to Las Vegas bright and early this Tuesday morning--I've got a car picking me up at 6:00AM--yikes!  Mornings and I are not the best of friends, but I'll have over 5 hours to sleep on the plane with the time change.  I'll be in Vegas for an eyecare industry trade show; it will be interesting to see various facets: eye doctors, optometrists, retailers, and suppliers.  I'm staying at Treasure Island.

I went to Las Vegas on vacation with my friend Tasha a couple of years ago.  The odds were definitely in my favor--I won $600 playing the slots at various casinos:  New York, New York, The Pink Flamingo, etc.  One machine ran out of coins before I got all of my winnings, so I had to flag down an attendant to pony up the rest.

To celebrate, I treated us to an expensive sushi dinner and paid with a c-note!  I was so lucky, I gave Tasha a dollar and told her to play the slot machine on the far end of the row--she won $80!  See, the casinos rig the machines on either end of rows new the front door to pay out, so passers-by will be lured in!  Each casino has a different payout time, one will payout at breakfast, another at lunch, a third at dinner, and a forth late at night....It's all about timing.  Here's another tip that's helped me win big:  Slot machines are like men--if it isn't paying out--cut your losses and move on!

Here's hoping I hit the jackpot!  Be good and try not to miss me too much!  As for me, I'll be in Vegas, so there's no telling what I might do...
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