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  • 10:46 I usually don't answer my buzzer unless I'm expecting company...I missed National Grid yesterday and have to sked. an appt. #
  • 10:46 From now on, I'll ask who's there! #
  • 10:57 FALLEN ANGEL, co-authored with Michael McCarty is a best-seller at Horror Mall: Would love a RT! #
  • 12:16 Rented THE LOVELY BONES. Need to be frugal for a couple of weeks... #
  • 12:17 It's gonna be in the 80's and humid this weekend. Yuck! I'm going to a tasting event in the East Village tomorrow. #
  • 14:22 eBay Auction Issue #62: The William Peter Blatty Special Issue: #
  • 14:30 Working on the novella. #amwriting #
  • 16:17 What does your sleep position reveal about your personality? I'm a Starfish. Which one are you? #
  • 04:15 You have excess energy that has nowhere to go today. If you do... More for Leo #
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