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Making a Spectacle of Myself...

I've been at my new job as E-News Managing Editor for for over two months now. The work is interesting, my co-workers are smart and friendly and I've got great medical/dental benefits. One of the perks for working for an eyecare publication is glasses at 50% off the usual price. With that in mind, I got a really cute pair from Marc Jacobs with Essilor Crizal, Transitions lenses! Crizal is a state-of-the art AR coating so advanced water rolls off--it's a surreal sight. Since I have to be famed, I might as well look good!

Another really cool perk is getting to attend an eyecare industry trade show in Vegas next week! We're getting there a day early, so I'll have time to hit the slots! I'm flying out on Jet Blue. I haven't flown with them, yet, but I've head nothing but good things!
Tags: essilor crizal, eyecare publication, jet blue, las vegas, marc jacobs eyewear, transitions lenses

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