March 11th, 2019

moscot, : eye glasses, zeiss

A Decade as a Full-time Freelancer

When I got laid off from my last Corporate job 10 years, ago, I vowed to make it as a Full-time Freelancer. It was slow going at first, but gradually, I built a robust client base through a combination of LinkedIn, happy client referrals, as well as the Freelancers Union.

One of the great things about Freelancing is no two days are alike—if I want to go shopping in the morning, I tend to client work when I get home—I seldom get a day off, so when I do, I try to relax and do something fun!

There are times I work 14 hour days, which has been most of 2019 to date; other times, in between projects, the silence can be deafening. I’ve learned to roll with the punches!