January 24th, 2018

NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

R.I.P. Horror Author Jack Ketchum Has Died

I first had the pleasure of meeting Dallas Mayr, AKA, Jack Ketchum, at Chiller Con in New Jersey way back in 1998. He was an extremely witty gentleman who was very supportive of my writing back when I was just starting out. Back in 1997, we both had stories in an anthology titled Funeral Party 2. He remarked that my writing had great potential, a comment that had me over the moon. I remember that a fan had brought Dallas a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black, which is really good scotch. Without giving it a second thought, he cracked it open and poured it into red plastic cups to share with me and several other Authors in attendance. He was a very giving kind soul.

I enjoyed all of his books, especially The Girl Next Door.

After that, we'd hang out at other conventions, WHC in NYC back in 2005 and others. I'd buy him a Dewar's Rocks and he'd share amazing stories about New York City and publishing. Such a tragic loss. Rest in peace, my friend...