October 9th, 2017

NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Amazon Prime Epic Fail

I've been taking care of my Mom's cats, Chester and Sabrina in my new apartment since July while her house is under construction. I've been ordering Fancy Feast via Amazon, but they only had a case of one flavor, fish, chicken, etc. I know I don't like to eat the same food every day...So I signed up for a 30-day free trail of Amazon Prime so I could order the Fancy Feast Variety Pack.

When I saw that my delivery date had come and gone, I logged into my Amazon Account and noticed that my shipment needs to be picked up at a UPS Store that's not even in Bay Ridge, so I'll have to take time out of my busy day tomorrow to take the subway to pick it up...Will inquire as to what happend, as I provied a vaid shipping address and would prefer not to schlep an hour round trip! So much for convenience...