July 16th, 2016

NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Rude Awakening...

For the past 14 years, I've lived in a two-bedroom apartment a short walk from Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It's a prime location, made sweeter by the fact that my building is rent-stabilized. Well, today I found an envelope under my door form the landlady informing me that she actually managed to find a buyer for her decrepit building plagued with numerous issues, including foundation cracks...I often joked with friends that my building wouldn't pass inspection.  Well, it looks like I was right, because the buyer wants to gut-renovate the apartments...She did warn me and the other tenants that she intended to sell the building a year ago, but it's in such poor condition, we didn't take her seriously and considered it an empty threat. Sigh!

Which means I have four-and-half months to find another rent-stabilized apartment in NYC, a daunting task, considering it took me six months to lock down this one. So, know anyone looking for a new tenant? If need be, I could move to Long Island, but I don't drive, so that would mean losing my independence, not a thrilling prospect...Now, I can take the subway virtually anywhere, without having to bother anyone for a ride.