December 21st, 2015

NYC Crime Fiction, Amy Grech

Hell's Grannie's Cover Reveal

Ten Talented writers share their visions of the Crone.

Eurydice: Patricia Cochrane

The Pensioner Pirates of Marine Parade: Jonathan Broughton

Exile: April Grey

Watchers of Old: Judith Rook

Fresh Finch: Amy Grech

Kin: Rayne Hall

Burning Michelangelo: Annamarie Pederson

To Thy Self Be True: Alp Beck

Freewheeling Free Association and the Theme Park Rangers of Death: Phillip T.Stephens

The Painter and the Crone: Mark Cassell

E-book release planned for December 23rd.

Aging is not for the faint-hearted, yet there is little choice in the matter. You can take good care of your health, your finances, your loved ones and still life will throw a curve ball.

In this anthology, you will find tales of courage, of women who rise to the challenges of time in many different ways.

Some stories are of women aging gracefully but their tales are still kickass because they have a lot to overcome. Other stories are humorous, because if you can’t age gracefully, then by all means age disgracefully.

And there are a couple of very dark tales as well. I think you will delight in them as much as I do.