July 23rd, 2015

amy grech, sangria, summer

Parent Problems

So last night I went to see a free screening of E.T. in Prospect Park with some friends. We brought food and drinks to share. A great night out with amazing weather!  After we parted ways, I headed home and encountered three unruly kids: one on a scooter and two on bikes riding on the sidewalk, even though there's a perfectly good bike path where they would have had the right of way, but they were on the sidewalk, which is really only meant for pedestrians, riding and stopping short in front of me several times...Sigh!  A minute later, I heard their mother shout: "What out for people on the sidewalk!" several times. The kids ignored her.

It was late, a little after 11:00 pm, so I did my best to ignore them; I even crossed the street with the kids close behind, buzzing around me like gnats...That's when I lost it, shouting: "Watch where you're going! I'm walking here!!" They were stunned for a minute. Their mother finally caught up with them and attempted to scold them, she failed miserably. The little brats actually talked back, saying, "She was in the way...” Rather than having a heated altercation with the woman about her poor parenting skills, I tured on to 8th Avenue and headed home, fuming!