June 5th, 2015

amy grech, sangria, summer

Lock Broke the Other Day in My Apartment Building

So the other morning on the way out of my apartment building, I got quite a shock when I went to run some errands...My landlady keeps the hallways dark durning the day, the lights are on a timer and don't turn on until early evening...So I reach for the deadbold to unlock it and feel something strange there, soft and squishy...I yank my hand back and slowly lean in for a closer look. I see that the lock has tape over it but have no idea why. Upon my return I see a message on the tape, DO NOT USE.

The landlady has all of the tenants' contact info, email and phone numbers. She used to email us about issues in the building, as she should. But not anymore. Sigh... I did see her in the hallway later that day. She explained what happed--the lock broke late the previous night--and producted a new key for the deadbolt.