May 19th, 2014

amy grech, sangria, summer

It's Been 20 Years...

Since I graduated from Ithaca College with a BA in English/Writing. Hard to believe! Funny, I don't feel that old...

My parents worried that I wouldn't be able to get a good job. Lucky for me they were wrong!  Strait out of college I landed a prestigious, paid internship with Ellen Datlow at the now defunct Omni Magazine reading slush and writing pull quotes. I learned a lot, met lots of amazing Authors and started attending conventions that summer!

I set several goals over the years: Publish my first novel before age 30. Check! The Art of Deception was published when I was only 27.  Have a feature screenplay optioned. Not quite, though I did stumble upon a Producer from Los Angeles, who gave me a token payment, though my script was never produced...Sigh, you can't win 'em all.  I'm an Active Member of the HWA. I've had two short story collections and over 100 short stories published in numerous anthologies, and genre magazines!

After several jobs in Corporate America, all of which vanished once the economy went South, I took a night class at the New School University to learn Web Design. It was the best investment I ever made! I started freelancing nights and in 2009, I became a full time Freelancer, specializing in Blogging, SEO, Social Media Management, and Web Content Management for various clients. I love having more control over my schedule and no two days like. Paying self-employment taxes on one income can be tricky at times, but no job is perfect!