December 17th, 2013

amy grech, sangria, summer

Be Found on LinkedIn

Are you a job seeker looking to land your dream job with LinkedIn? Recruiters use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates; if your profile isn't properly optimized, you could be easily overlooked. I will make sure you can be found via keywords employers using to search for candidates.

Small business owners can also benefit from this powerful networking tool; a robust profile could lead to new business and/or referrals from satisfied customers. I can also create a brand new LinkedIn profile so you're sure to be seen by the right people. Let's get started today!

Here are a few of the LinkedIn profiles I've optimized:
amy grech, sangria, summer

2013: A Retrospective

Overall, 2013 was better than 2012: I got a better handle on my taxes--will be sending the IRS my final payment for 2012 later this week. I continue to make a killing as far as tax-free income with focus groups and useability studies for websites.  They either pay in gift cards, or cash. Got lots of goodies at Target with gift cards.  I also worked as a Poll Worker with the Board of Elections; this income is taxed, but offsets what I owe the IRS. It's not easy freelancing on one income...Even though I got several new Web Clients this year.

In other news, my very dark novella, Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City is under consideration with several publishers. I think it's the best thing I've written to date! I sold several short stories this year! Look for "Ashes to Ashes" in the Expiration Date anthology in 2014!