November 9th, 2012

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Election Day 2012

Due to Hurricane Sandy, I had to take the F train all the way into Manhattan to transfer for the D train at 2:00 am--I had to be at the school in Boro Park where I was working the election by 5:00 am; I arrived at 4:40 am...At least I had a much shorter ride home when I realized the D stopped where I could transfer for the F, two stops away from where I live!

I got stuck with a lazy guy, who screwed up the voter count early on.  I was the Democratic Inspector, I'm the person voters needed to see to vote. If people where in the wrong district, I'm point them in the right direction.  I also looked up their name in the books and had them sign before they could vote.

The new computerized voting machines broke down at one point and chaos ensued.  An hour before the polls closed, someone was smoking pot!  LOL! The fumes made me a little loopy!  It was a crazy day, but also very rewarding!

When all said was said and done, I was up for 24 hours straight; I haven't done that since college!