November 2nd, 2012

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Sandy's Aftermath

I was very fortunate during Sandy's wrath...I didn't lose power/Internet at all. The wicked winds opened my office window from the top, but my Landlady stopped by the other day to fix it.

I sent my brother a text to see how he and my Mom were. He said they lost power and still don't have electricity in Suffolk County on Long Island. He told me he's disappointed that I didn't ride out the storm with Mom.  What?! He lives 5 minutes away from here?!  I freelance and I don't have a laptop, so I wouldn't have been able to work at all this week; if I don't work, then I don't get paid...I also would not have known where I've been assigned to work on Election Day next Tuesday.

I visit my Mom two weekends a month; when I'm there I'm happy to help out with chores/shopping, but for my brother to be angry with me because I didn't make to trek to Long Island holds no water.