September 2nd, 2010

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From Twitter 09-01-2010

  • 04:35:47: Making a financial decision could be difficult with the Moon's... More for Leo
  • 12:57:56: RT @OHnewsroom: Overnight Producer to Weekend Anchor: “Lets be honest, nights and weekends are the island of misfit toys in the news world.”
  • 12:59:09: New client meeting went well this morning! For lunch, I treated myself to a Vietnamese sandwich and Honeydew Bubble Tea!
  • 13:00:54: RT @PsychToday: The secret of creativity: An oblique perspective - Creative people are complex, meaning that they see the world from... ...
  • 13:04:58: Download BLANKET OF WHITE for your Kindle: #SupportTheLittleGuy
  • 13:14:07: Use TinyURL to shorten website links. #Twittertip
  • 13:26:34: I haz a sad...Won't be able to make it to Horrorfind this weekend, due to health reasons. Really hate to miss it. :(
  • 13:27:15: RT @macworld: Pic of new iPod nano:
  • 13:41:01: Hi to my new followers! Hope you enjoy my tweets!
  • 14:00:49: RT @FakeeEtiquette: It is rude to spell it "teh" unless you genuinely suffer from LOLslexia.
  • 14:02:19: RT @JessicaLindsie: @Sharktopus2010, is Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus a documentary about what happened when your parents divorced? #imjus ...
  • 14:02:32: RT @fastcompany: Apple Superpowering iPad with iOS 4.2 in November
  • 14:51:05: RT @PublishersWkly: Apple Sells 35 Million E-books, Refreshes iPod Line.
  • 14:56:04: RT @Lifehacker: iTunes 10 Gets a Streamlined Interface, Adds a Social Network for Music
  • 15:01:11: Time to work on Web Client updates.
  • 16:01:43: RT @FakeAPStylebook: The past imperfect third-person infinitive passive verb tense should be used only in Latin.
  • 16:02:15: Ordering Sushi for dinner later. Why? Because I've earned it!
  • 16:12:42: Woot! just got 2,500 connections on @linkedin! R U LinkedIn? Let's connect!
  • 16:12:52: RT @socialmedia2day: Just posted our Social Customer Engagement Index, a broad survey and complete analysis about the social landscape.. ...
  • 17:50:47: RT @SHO_Dexter: RT @screenjunkies: 'Dexter' exec producer Chip Johannessen reveals Season 5 surprises. Not even Robocop is safe. http:// ...
  • 17:52:48: Sapporo & sushi!
  • 19:02:52: RT @tomupton33: Review: 'Machete' serves relentless, bloody action - Yahoo! News

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